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World-class optics and hardware

20" AG iDK

  • 20" AG Optical iDK, focal length of 3420mm
  • ASA DDM85XL mount
  • FLI Proline 16803 CCD
  • Filters: LRGB, Ha7 OIII SII
  • Location: Namibia

Veloce 200 RH AT

  • Officina Stellare Veloce 200 AT, focal length of 600mm
  • ASA DDM60 mount
  • QHY 600M
  • Filters: LRGB, Ha7 OIII SII
  • Location: Namibia

14.5" Newton

  • 14.5" Newton, focal length of 1333mm
  • ASA DDM85XL mount
  • FLI Microline 16200 CCD
  • Filters: LRGB, Ha7 OIII SII
  • Location: Spain

Finished image of NGC 6357, LRGB from our iDK 20" scope in Namibia


Fully automated

The observatories are heavily automated to be able to use the nights as effectively as possible. You simply insert the targets you want to be imaged, and the system will choose the ideal moment to gather your data.

Perfect locations

We are in some of the darkest and most pristine locations of the world. Especially in Namibia we enjoy way over 200 clear nights per year with exceptional seeing.

Competitive costs

We are hobby astronomers ourselves and enjoy gathering data, too. We want to share the equipment to help pay for the running costs (like power, hosting costs and maintenance) but not to make profit, so our costs are way lower than other offers on the net.

Latest preview Images

Look here at some real preview images (uncalibrated) made the last days by our systems.


We do want to give everybody the possibility to use these professional-grade systems.

Lukas Demetz, hobby astronomer

The rates are per hour of observatory usage, and are calculate down to per-second accuracy. The usage begins when the system starts one request, and it ends when it is done with it. Usually, focusing is done before starting the plan so you won't (except explicitely requesting another focus run) pay for that.

Moon Illumination Hourly Rate
0% 20 €
25% 17.25 €
50% 14.5 €
75% 11.75 €
100% 9 €

These are our EarlyAdopter prices, which will remain unchanged for whoever signs up before 15th august 2020. We will later on raise our hourly base rate to 40 Euro per hour.

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